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If you’re looking for a teacher gift we have a couple of ideas!

A gift certificate lets teachers choose materials that will compliment the curriculum and add to their library. Or, teachers can visit our Books for Grown-Ups section and choose a book to read over the summer and recharge their batteries!

Our Teacher GiftBook Program is a win-win situation:
1. Choose one or more books to donate in your teacher’s name to your school library, the CHEO Let’s Read/Lisons! program or Twice Upon a Time. We are pleased to give you a 15% discount on this donation (our apologies, but this discount cannot apply to a gift certificate).
2. We put a book plate in the book explaining that the book has been donated in honour of your teacher.
3. We give you a certificate, to give to your teacher, explaining that a book has been donated in their name to the school library, the CHEO program or Twice Upon a Time.
4. We deliver the donation for you!

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