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Many people (mostly her parents but, repeatedly, so it feels like a lot) have asked Kelly why, in the age of big box stores, e-readers and on-line ordering she would want to co-own a small children’s bookstore.  She tells, or in the case of her parents reminds, them that her mum, dad and grandmother gave her the best gift anyone could ever give a child – the encouragement to love books and reading.  Having worked as a high school English teacher, librarian and now bookseller she is thrilled to be a small part of fostering that love in young people.

Kelly reads many kinds of stories but really enjoys historical fiction (she thinks she would have loved living in the Middle Ages except for the Black Plague or in the court of King Henry the Eighth minus the beheadings), mysteries that surprise her and books with a funny and spunky heroine (probably because that’s the way she would want to be described if she were a character in a book).  She marvels at the way a good picture book, with its carefully selected words and wonderful illustrations, can make us laugh or cry or think – or all three.

Kelly is extremely grateful that, after owning a business together for 7 years, she, Karin and Kim are still great friends and that so many wonderful customers keep coming back to Kaleidoscope.  It’s really fun to see our little people grow into big people.

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