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Katie didn’t read much as a kid. Her reading habits were limited to Cricket and Owl magazines, obsessively collecting dog facts, and rereading the same dozen novels (mostly the Bunnicula series and a bunch of Roald Dahl).

In her late teens Katie discovered The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy through a younger cousin, and started reading science fiction. Kenneth Oppel’s Airborn set Katie on the path to reading kid and teen books almost exclusively. Books with witches, space ships, or time travel are almost always appealing and she has yet to tire of dystopian worlds.

Working at KKB brought with it the joy of wacky and deep and epic picture books and of course their delightful artwork. If you’re extra stealthy, you might catch Katie animatedly reading one of the sillier stories aloud when she thinks she’s alone in the store.

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