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Karin doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t wandering around the house, yard, or sidewalk with her nose in a book – over the years, it’s been a good way to help develop peripheral vision!  She recalls a little bookshop in St. Mary’s, Ontario that sparked her interest in having a store full of books to call her own. With a degree in English and Theatre, it seemed unlikely that a “real job” was in the cards…

No one has a favourite child, but it seems fair that everyone can have favourite sections of the store. For Karin, the YA and Kids Fiction sections are highlights, along with the cooking books, the Poetry and Tales section, and weird and wonderful Science books. Oh, and absolutely anything written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. That goes without saying.

With a book-a-day habit, Kaleidoscope Kids’ Books is the best place for Karin to spend her time.

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