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Joanne often recalls the summers she spent as a child devouring Danielle Steel and John Grisham novels from her Grampa’s collection, without a care in the world. Those days are long gone and though Joanne now dedicates her time to writing her Ph.D. thesis on language transfer in Spanish-French bilingual kids, she still escapes and explores new people and places through the magic of reading everyday, just like she did as a 12-year-old.

Recommending and discussing books with customers, young and old, is pure joy for Joanne, who has a soft spot for picture books. Among her favourites are the beautiful plasticine works of Toronto’s Barbara Reid. Joanne also enjoys the hilarious adventures of Skippyjon Jones, Siamese cat/Chihuahua, and how Judy Schachner the author weaves Spanish words and Mexican culture throughout each story. Picture books continue to inspire Joanne as she crafts language experiments for her academic research.

In recent years, with some encouragement from her spouse, Joanne has developed a love for graphic novels, especially the Paul series by Montreal’s Michel Rabagliati. Joanne thanks her parents for always reading with her as a child and her Grampa Dick for access to his eclectic library. She is also grateful to her Uncle Andy for introducing her to so many wonderful books and Canadian authors over the years.

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