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Kelly Harrison

Many people (mostly her parents but, repeatedly, so it feels like a lot) have asked Kelly why, in the age of big box stores, e-readers and on-line ordering she would want to co-own a small children’s bookstore.  She tells, or in the case of her parents reminds, them that her mum, dad and grandmother gave… Read More

Kim Ferguson

Kim comes from a book loving family where both parents would read for hours every evening (when not dealing with their 4 daughters). She wishes that all the fantastic book choices for kids were around in her day but it’s actually ok because she gets to read them all now. Kim has worked with children… Read More

Karin Fuller

Karin doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t wandering around the house, yard, or sidewalk with her nose in a book – over the years, it’s been a good way to help develop peripheral vision!  She recalls a little bookshop in St. Mary’s, Ontario that sparked her interest in having a store full of books… Read More


Katie didn’t read much as a kid. Her reading habits were limited to Cricket and Owl magazines, obsessively collecting dog facts, and rereading the same dozen novels (mostly the Bunnicula series and a bunch of Roald Dahl). In her late teens Katie discovered The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy through a younger cousin, and started… Read More


Joanne often recalls the summers she spent as a child devouring Danielle Steel and John Grisham novels from her Grampa’s collection, without a care in the world. Those days are long gone and though Joanne now dedicates her time to writing her Ph.D. thesis on language transfer in Spanish-French bilingual kids, she still escapes and… Read More

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