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Care to craft some super cute animals?
Check out Felted Friends from Klutz! Zoe and I made some at the store! Fun and easy for ages 10+
The book shows you the basics of felting, and how to make a mouse, a fox, a rabbit, a cat, and a fox. The kit comes with a felting tool and enough wool to make about four fuzzy creatures. There’s room to get elaborate, play with shapes, and give your beasts a personal touch, and since you’ll always have the book, you can restock on wool and keep gettin’ crafty with your  new skills.

We found that felting was easy, but the needles are sharp AND we managed to break them when we were only half done our animals! So keep safety in mind, and we recommend that you pick up some extra felting needles at your local knitting or sewing store.

Hope you have fun!

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